See the world from new perspectives

Art brings diversity and enriches our lives while breaking down boundaries in society, politics, culture, history and gender.

Opened on the 7th floor of LOTTE World Tower in January 2018, LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART introduces new waves of modern art around the world and shares its dynamic energy. Presenting a feast of art in the heart of the city, LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART will transform your mundane, everyday life into a magical moment. We invite you to Korea’s ultimate contemporary art destination, LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART where we create new culture through communication and diversity.


Curved with Space

Architect Cho Byoungsoo 스캐치 작품 Architect Cho Byoungsoo (B. 1957~)

When designing LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART which is located in the fifth tallest building in the world, LOTTE World Tower, the most challenging part is to create a new identity on a flat surface of the tower.

We created a space where artworks are presented in a lively and interesting way as they transcend time and space by maximizing the functionality of the interior.


Pursue natural beauty with simple design.
Its major works include Queen Mama Market, South Cape, Daelim Twin Tree, Kiswire Museum, Sinsa Lamp Building, Cheongdam Be·twixt, house of Oi-soo Lee in Hwacheon, Choonhae College, square-shaped house in Sugokri, Heyri Camerata, and Art College of Paichai University and it has won a number of prestigious awards such as Korea Architectural Culture Award, Korea Architects Association Award, and AIA Architectural Award


On your way to LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART, you can enjoy these artworks.

  • Possibility image
    by Jaume Plensa at Arena Plaza
    Sculpted to symbolize hopeful message for dreamers (lettering pieces)
  • Life as Marshmallows image
    02Life as Marshmallows
    by Noh Joon at World Park
    Designed in the form of a marshmallow where people can sit or rest
  • Light Forest image
    03Light Forest
    by Kim Joo-hyun at Arena Plaza
    Symbolize the dream of creating perfect beauty with the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence
  • Diver image
    by Lasvit at Diver Hall
    Express our dream of exploring the unknown world and feeling of freedom-defying gravity